The life of a struggling mom…

So one day I woke up and thought to myself I want to start a blog! But then I had to ask myself why would people care what I have to say? I’m just a struggling new mom. Why am I a “struggling” new mom because I’m just that a new mom. This shit didn’t come up with an instruction book, advice from friends can be overwhelming and even more annoying when it’s from stranger. Struggling because I definitely didn’t win the lottery before becoming a mom. Struggling because life is a struggle. As I was thinking about this term, who I am and why people would want to read about my life and hear what I have to say it’s because I am so many of you! Trying to save money, trying to figure it out, trying to get to right and sometimes it’s nice to be able to relate to someone from time to time. I refuse to write a blog where I live a fake life pretending to be the perfect mom, or housewife. I hate cleaning, suck at cooking, gained too much weight while pregnant, failed at breastfeeding and had to turn into a coupon mom to make life work. So as it’s now 2017 and like every one else I have goals to a better life. Traveling, weight loss, saving money, health and motherhood are my areas to focus on and I’m going to share these experiences with you. Maybe I save you a dollar, give you a laugh, or inspire you in some sort of way… if I positively affect 1 person then I did something. So stay tuned! We have a long road  ahead of us! 


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