Finding The Sun

As a struggling new mom I do follow other blogs, honestly mainly funny ones though so I can enjoy the laughs of motherhood. But yesterday morning I listened to another mommy vlog that talked about doing something for the new year. She mentions every night before bed jotting down something good that happened that day. She did this for a year to help her focus on the good in life and be a more positive person. She totally hit home when she said the hardest day to do this was the day she miscarried twins, had her dnc, then had to go home and tell her older children. It was so hard for her to find the good in that day, she wanted to make sure she found a real good thing not just a simple I woke up today type of good event. She then thought about how her husband tucked her into bed with such love and care. This nightly routine helped her go to sleep thinking about how loved she was instead of the terrible events of that day. 

This hit home because many times I focus on the negative because I feel so much bad has happened in my life. In early 2014 I lost 2 step kids that I loved as my own in an accident, within 1 calander year 2 out of 3 of my dogs had died and I had a miscarriage. The following year I had another miscarriage. I felt so much loss it was hard to ever bounce back from that, I can thankfully say I know have my rainbow baby and she’s he worlds best blessing but I want to make sure I don’t go back to those painful events and instead I focus on the good of everyday because it’ll not only help me be a happier person but it’ll help my relationship as well. My other half works 7 days a week right now to allow me to stay home with my baby, and because of that he tends to be tired and that induces negativity. So I look up at him as I’m listening to this other woman speak and I said we will do this! 

That night we were sitting together and I reminded him, we have to decide what our “good” was. He thinks for a min and tells me his and I think for an even harder minute and he helps me come up with mine. My good was just being able to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me. I live in a not so good neighborhood until we can afford to move, but even though Maryvale has the highest crime rate jn Phoenix I can still see beauty in it. He was referring to a picture I took in snapchat where even though we all know there’s lots of ugly around, I found the beauty and in that still frame it looked gorgeous. 

So y’all today I challenge you to do the same. Every night for the next year find a way to think, write down, share with your loved one the good that you find in the day. Especially for those of us who feel like we’re constantly going through something, because it can’t rain forever but sometimes you have to move to see the sun! 


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