So this year I’ve been trying these new recipes, of which I have way more to share with you! But I’ve also signed up to do product reviews. Then fate had it that one of the products available was a chef knife. So not only am I working hard on being in the kitchen more but my boyfriend goes to Culinary School and works in a kitchen. His knife collection involves knives all priced over $100. But I was like whatever let’s try this affordable one and giving it a professional review from his point of 16107759_10206284634554178_284764314_oview. So not only was he so stoked to try this product he took it to work with him that day and even took pictures! 

The grip is super comfortable for holding to make the prep process less painful. It was super sharp and cut everything with ease! It’s been over a week and he’s used the knife every day, with usage way above an average mom in the kitchen and it’s still cutting great. One of his fears was that it would dull fast and be low quality, and so far it’s been great!

I’m looking forward to see how long this knife lasts him and how long his new ChefKnife will hold up over time. It makes it even better that I got a discount to provide an honest review! Great products and discounts are this mom’s favorite way to go! 


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