The Best Baby Blankets!


Time for another honest review!! Okay, so before my baby was born I saw these pretty blankets. I was skeptical because they were listed as muslin blankets and the ones in question were not very affordable, but first baby you gotta ball out right? lol. Anyway my photography background gave me experience with muslin backdrops, made me a little concerned for the softness. Well let me tell you they are seriously the best thing ever! So I was presented with an opportunity to review a brand I’d never heard of of the same blankets. I got a discount to give this review, but even without that discount these extra soft muslin blankets by Palada are way more affordable than others I’ve seen.

So I pre-washed them and let my little princess love them today!! These blankets literally have so many uses. For tiny little newborns these are the BEST swaddle blankets I ever could’ve imagined. I prefer them over any other swaddlers I’ve tried. They are large, they are breathable and I can’t convey how soft they are enough.

Another great use I found in these blankets are for covering her car seat. We live in Arizona, so the16130021_10206284789998064_725584182_o light weight fabric helps not keep my baby too hot when used as a blanket or a car seat cover. Now that she’s older I can still wrap here in them and she’s able to move and kick around, but they are big enough when wrapped to let her move a little without coming off.

Probably not the intended use, but I truly love that they are absorbent and can wipe up her spit when I fail to bring a real burp cloth.

As you can see from the smile, they are baby approved!! You can order yourself a set by Clicking Here



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