Product Review: Bamboo Washcloths

Before I even knew about my baby’s new found diagnosis I was interested in Bamboo Washcloths, but they came right in time. Knowing that the way I bathe her could possibly result in a break out is frightening! So I finally got to try them they wescreen-shot-2017-02-06-at-3-45-05-pmre soooo soft! Like I can say so soft, but I can’t put into words how extremely soft they are. I need some adult sized ones, I’d love for her to have a bamboo towel to match, because they were so soft! I got a discount for providing and honest review on these products but they are good enough I want to buy more and full price. It’s scary enough knowing you have to be gentle on your baby, even more so when your baby has mast cell disease, so when you find something great and gentle it’s amazing!! As you can see by the picture, they are baby approved to!

To get yours Click Here


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