Product Review: Silicone Bibs

I got a discount when I ordered these #bpasilicone bibs to try with my 6 month old baby in order to provide honest feedback on the product. Here’s what I decided.

The pros were that the silicone allowed the baby food so slide down into the pouch instead absorbing into fabric at the chin where regular bibs then rub the food all over her chin. I also liked that it had a pouch to collect what dropped down and no laundry involved I just wash in a sick and it’s good to go again.

The cons were that not all of the food made it into the pouch and would drip off the bottom. The whole around the neck was bigger so food got under up there and all over baby and the way they connect isn’t normal velcro and got my babies hair tangled in it so when trying to take off pulled her hair.

All in all, I think they might be better when she’s a little older. The pouch would probably be a little more effective on a larger baby or different foods, but the cleaning aspect of this product and not needing to do laundry constantly is the biggest selling point that makes them a winner in my book.



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